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IT Boy Explains It All For You

January 23, 2011

IT Boy’s favorite TV show in the whole world, by far, is Handy Manny.  For those not among the tool-loving cognoscenti, Handy Manny follows the adventures of Sheetrock Hills beloved handyman Manny Garcia.  Manny is bilingual, and the show teaches basic Spanish while entertaining the preschool set. 

 The Boy is totally enamoured with Manny and all the tools.  He dressed as Manny for Halloween and his tools are among his most treasured toys.  He has a large set of tools and a small set, and many nights you can hear various members of our family who are trying to clean up scream, “I’ve got Big Pat, do you have little Rusty?” or “Can you look for little Stretch?”  It’s all in good fun, because the show is well done and very appropriate for a soon-to-be mechanically inclined little boy.  Meaning, I can watch it without feeling like my brain is turning to mush (Hello Blues Clues!)

He’s starting to get more involved in imaginative play these days.  Meaning, he doesn’t just bang the tools against the table.  He packs the tools into his toolbox and pretends to be Manny going out to fix something.  Recently, he came into the kitchen when the rest of the family was present and announced he was going out to his repair shop to fix some things.  We asked him who else was going, and he ended up assigning us our own Handy Manny doppelgängers.

According to the Boy, I was Kelly, the cute girl who owns the local hardware store.  She has anything and everything that Manny needs to fix things.  Since it’s a show for preschoolers, the sexual tension is dialed way back into negative numbers.  Still, there is a little bit of “will they or won’t they” but the “will” refers to going to a picnic together or dancing the rumba.  Nothing that would cause Disney standards and practices to get all rashy behind the ears. 

Soccer Girl was “Leela Singh”, the daughter of Mr. Singh, who is featured in two episodes, her birthday party and “Tools For Toys.”  She’s young and sweet and cute.  Definitely how he sees his treasured older sister to be.  I couldn’t find a picture of her solo, but “Tools for Toys” apparently was an episode and a book, and that’s the book cover.  Bet The Boy would enjoy reading that one…

Mr. IT, said the Boy, was Mr. Lopart.  The well-meaning, but hapless caucasian man with the bad comb over who owns the local candy store.  Mr. Lopart has all the confidence in the world, but none of the ability that he needs to get things done.  He refuses to accept help from others and invariably gets into some sort of trouble, which usually makes for a nice plot point when he falls on the fall and creates a chaotic situation.  Mr. Lopart has a bad comb over and lives with his mother and his faithful cat Fluffy.  It is not confirmed that he has a subscription to The Advocate, but it sure would not surprise anyone. 

Yep, I think the Boy has some most excellent insights on our family.  🙂

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  1. Doris permalink
    January 24, 2011 10:52 pm

    Haha, so funny!
    He’s got you guys spot on!
    I will never think of Mr. Lopart/IT the same way…but where is Fluffy?? –> Lily? 😉

  2. January 26, 2011 10:53 am

    There weren’t enough of us in the house, I guess!

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