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Tis the Season of Love

December 8, 2010

When Soccer Girl and I picked up IT Boy after his Sunday Funday program, we asked him what they did for the 3 hours he was gone from us.  Sometimes when we ask we hear about how he played “sports” or bounced on the trampoline.  This week, he told us they sang “Minutes”.   Surprised that he offered up something so quickly yet  so cryptically, we asked the aide in the class what “Minutes” meant.  She laughed, and said they sang a song from “Rent” during the music session.   Immediately I knew she was referring to “Seasons of Love“, the soaring song that opens act 2 of the play. 

On the walk to the car, I called up iTunes on my phone and downloaded the song so we could play it for Boy in the car.  He was thrilled to hear the song again.  Soccer Girl and I were thrilled to have a reprieve from the music of “Handy Manny”.  And we all sang “Minutes” the whole way home.  There was a lot of love and joy in the car that morning. 

Wanted to share the song with all of you, with my wish that every season be one of love. 

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  1. December 8, 2010 10:34 am

    Sweet! Wishing you and yours Seasons of Love! 😉

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