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That was before she played a transsexual on “Friends”, because I can only IMAGINE what he would have said then.

October 6, 2010

Whenever I feel less than together, I think back to the time I had an encounter with the guy who ran the newsstand in my old building.

I went down in the early afternoon for some sort of snack break.  Not sure what I was wearing.  Not sure if he was Rameesh or Ramesh because he didn’t wear a name tag.

“You know who you look like?” he said, in a thick Indian accent.

“Ummm, no, who?”

“That actress, what’s her name?”

I waited.

“You know, the one with the blonde hair.”

I kept waiting, for his response and for change from my Funyons.

“You know, Kathleen Turner, that actress Kathleen Turner.”

I thought…

“You mean Kathleen Turner – Body Heat, right?”

“No, no, Kathleen Turner – Serial Mom…”

Sigh.  Always a serial mom, never in body heat, I guess.

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