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Books: Still relevant, not dead yet

September 16, 2010

I’m thrilled to announce that next month I will be a speaker at the BlogWorld Expo conference taking place in Las Vegas.  I will be on not one but TWO panels…

The topic of my first panel is something I am quite passionate about – good content.  We’re all hearing that books are dead, people aren’t reading anymore and publishing is a dying business.  While I have certainly seen a few changes in my years in the business, and undoubtably will see a few more, book publishing is not a dying art.  There are still readers out there who are clamoring for good content.  Here’s the official description of the panel:

In a world of 140s, shrinking screens, and ‘after-the-jump’ readers, how do we make books people want? Are books just ‘content’ in a dead format? Does tweeting, posting, and IM’ing make for better or worse writers? What 5 things should every author being doing to get published? This session is for publishers, and authors who still want to make money on books. It can be done. Come learn how.

My fellow panelists are Matthew Donnelley and Wiley author CC Chapman.  I think between us we have a good idea of what makes good content, what doesn’t, and what authors need to do to get published and more importantly get noticed.

I’m curious as to what people want covered in a session like that.  Do you agree that publishing still has a place in our online-media centric world?  What do you think makes good content?  How do you decide if a book is purchase worthy?  What do we have to cover so attendees will not throw rotten produce at us?  Use the comments space here and fire away!

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  1. September 17, 2010 8:46 am

    I’m attending Blogworld and looking forward to hearing your panel discussions. I’m especially interested in the discussion on content. As we all put out lots and lots of content, I want to be sure mine is really good, easy to consume, and valuable to my audience.

    I hope we get to meet in person!


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