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March 27, 2010

I’ve spent much of the winter debating activities for the IT Boy.  No, he’s not underscheduled.  He lives a pretty full life of services with the occasional playdate sprinkled in. 

No, my thinking was more in the way of a sport or music class.  I tried doing a music class with him a year ago, and that wasn’t very much fun for either of us.  He wasn’t really at the point where he could or would listen to someone and behave.  I wasn’t sure we were there now, but I decided to start exploring.

First up, swim lessons at our local pool.  That didn’t go so well.  I watched the lesson and there seemed to be more negotiation than actual time in the water.  Decided to shelve that for summer or later.  Next up, gymnastics.  Unfortunately, I found most of the classes weren’t at a good time, or were structured in a way that would not work for the boy.

Finally, I thought about skating.  I skate and love it.  What if there were an instructor who could deal with the out of sync child and get him comfortable on the ice.  Through a friend, I found someone who works with just such clients and got the Boy hooked up with her.

Happy to say that he really enjoys his skating time.  Certainly, a lot of the time is spent on the ice….

Some of it is literally ON the ice…

Look Mikey, he likes it!  He’s got decent balance and has progressed to a point where he walks with the teacher on the ice.  His lessons are only 15 minutes right now, but hopefully we can expand that and really go for broke.  I’m feeling ambitious enough to put him in a mini-soccer clinic for the spring.  Look out sporting world, here comes the IT Boy!

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