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What’s It All About, Mia Hamm?

February 28, 2010

If you’ve ever been a volunteer, you’ve probably had a moment where you wonder why you are doing what you do.  Maybe it’s politics, maybe it’s frustation at trying to get things done, maybe it’s a difficult fellow volunteer you’re working with (ahem)- it’s easy to lose sight of what made you raise your hand and say yes to the job in the first place.

But today I got to experience one of those moments that spoke volumes and helped me remember that the reason I volunteer.  During an indoor soccer game, someone on our team fouled someone on the other team and a penalty shot was set up.  Everyone got confused – the girls tried to line up in front of the goal when only the keeper could be there, the coaches tried to move another girl (actually MY Girl) into goal, and the other team just stood and stared.  The ref pulled all the girls from the goal except the keeper, and she got ready to protect the goal.  She’s small, and goal isn’t her normal position, but she looked fearless.    The opponent took a shot, and the keeper stopped it, lost it and then stopped it again.  We all burst into cheers, so proud of the way she stood up to the challenge.  When the half ended moments later, the rest of the team mobbed her with well-deserved congratulations.  Our team went on to win the game, but really, that stop right there was our victory. 

And that’s why I’m involved – to see that our kids can have  a remarkable soccer experience.  Every time stuff gets me down, my refrain is “I just want to watch my kid play soccer, not deal with the BS.”  Today, I got to do just that and it was outstanding.

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  1. karen hoffman permalink
    March 1, 2010 9:48 am


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