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Since U Been Gone…

February 2, 2010

Gee, January wasn’t such a great month for blogging.  I’m grateful to have had many visitors during the month, but I hang my head in shame for not giving them more to ponder.  Most friends who follow me on Twitter and on Facebook know that there’s nothing that should  keep me from writing, other than living life.  For those who don’t, let me catch you up.

Vacation – we survived our Florida Odyssey.  It was way more fun than I imagined it would be.  But I learned a few things, mostly about the Boy. 

  • Boy hates rides.  HATES.  With a passion.  He used to go on kiddie rides when he was 2, but even this summer at the County Fair he was protesting all things ride.  I probably made it worse at Universal by taking him on the ET Ride when we first arrived.  You know, the cuddly cute ride about that kind alien…NOT!  ET is a horror fest in the dark, from start to finish.  He screamed like he was being tortured the entire time.  Fun for all!  I tried to take him on the Dumbo-esque One Fish Two Fish at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.  HATED it.  SCREAMED HIS HEAD OFF. 
  • Boy likes to be in control.  You see, there are some rides he does like.  We went to a family carnival in Jupiter, FL, and he LOVED LOVED LOVED the rug slide (not sure what you call that thing) and the bounce house.  Rides where he is moving and in control of the action are good for him.  He loved the interactive playgrounds – a LOT.  He spent hours in the one in Seusslanding, and could have spent more time if it weren’t close to dinner.  Which brings me to…
  • Boy comes to the table for dinner.  In a big way.  Almost every night at dinnertime, as long as there was a big ole plate of food in front of him, he ate and ate and was never a bother.  It made it nice, as we could get in some adult and big sister conversation without him pitching a fit.  But when he was done, you could stick that fork in him, because he was DONE and ready to hit the road again.
  • Boy’s still not a great flyer.  He was OK on the flight down, enduring a Christmas day delay quite well.  My plan to have him watch movies on my laptop was foiled by my bringing USB headphones that didn’t work with iTunes and he could only watch “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Handy Manny”.  Thank heavens I downloaded them, because it gave him something to watch in our hotel rooms.  On the flight home, he spent the entire time playing  Rain Man repeating over and over again, “I’m not going on the airplane, I can’t go on the airplane.”  I kept telling him, buddy, you are on the plane, give it up.  AirTran was fine, just fine.  Nothing great, but fine.  Not a lot of room in between the seats, but we survived.

And what about January?  Soccer Girl played a lot of basketball, and is looking forward to the start of indoor soccer this weekend.  She also got braces, which has been interesting.  Her emotions range from pretty ambivilent to negative about them,  I was a kid who always wanted them, so I think they are the coolest thing EVAH.  This months colored rubber bands are pink and yellow.  So awesome!

Boy is doing great in school and therapy and continues to progress.  We tried swimming lessons, which didn’t go so well.  He had a skating lesson which did, so we’re going to continue that.

Me and Mr IT – doing great. 

I’m going to try and be better in February.  And when I get my new iPad, watch out!  Blog-o-rama!

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  1. February 7, 2010 10:17 am

    thought i would pop in and leave you a comment on this fine sunday.

  2. jray permalink
    February 9, 2010 12:01 am

    I always wanted braces, too, but never needed them. And when my daughter got them, I thought they were so cute. She, like Soccer Girl, did not. Oh well.

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