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Are you ready for some REAL football, aka soccer?

October 27, 2009

Another fall transition this year occured with Soccer Girl starting to play at a club team level.  She’s on a team in a new club that was formed by our local AYSO, called ADFH United.  The initals are for the three Rivertowns that comprise the club, namely Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry and Hastings.  No, I didn’t pick the name.  ADFH United is a part of Westchester Youth Soccer League.

She’s been having a great season so far, playing with many girls she played with last year on her AYSO travel team.  We love the old girls as well as the new girls.  Heck, the families are pretty awesome too.  We have a great time cheering the kids on during the games. 

Like many sports families, our weekends are devoted to getting the kid to and from games and practices.  Of course, it’s make easier by the fact that our home pitch is probably the best location for soccer in all of Westchester. 


ADFH’s Dobbs Ferry Waterfront pitch is right next to the Hudson River.  Gorgeous vistas and river breezes greet you as you settle down in your folding chair to watch your kids give it their all.  It’s right next to the pirate ship playground, so Boy can work off some pre-game energy before he’s strapped into his stroller to be stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey so he doesn’t fuss and complain and we can watch the match.  The place is just about perfect.  The only thing it’s missing is easy access to food and beverage, but at this weekend’s games, the Dobbs Ferry HS soccer team set up a table to sell sweatshirts and snacks, which I thought was just genius.  Pefection-on-the-Hudson even…

dobbs 2

Here’s a shot of her team at halftime.  These photos were taken on my mobile, so I can only imagine how great the SLR shots another mom was taking will come out. 

So, if you hear me talk about going to watch the Girl play soccer, know that I am getting the best deal possible out of the experience.  And let’s hope those soccer boys return with the snack stand next week!

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  1. October 30, 2009 12:05 pm

    Mmmm. Leaves. Fall soccer.

    What a delicious weekend it looks like you had!

    Perfection-on-the-Hudson indeed.

    • January 6, 2010 12:45 pm

      thanks for the info
      Im gonna use this in my project as refrence..
      happy new year btw 🙂

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