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October 26, 2009
*Not his actual bed

*Not his actual bed

I freely admit I am no fan of fall.  Sure, apple picking, pumpkin carving and stunning foliage are nice, but they hide a bitter reality – winter.  I would be perfectly accepting of fall if it didn’t signal the return to dark days, scraping off my car in the morning, and snow and ice.  Sure, there are fall junkies out there who suck up the chill in the air just like it was a glass of freshly-pressed apple cider.  That’s not me, sorry. 

But as the seasons change, we have transitions.  In our family, IT Boy has been going through the most changes this season.  He started a program at a new school.  Instead of going in the mornings, he’s an afternoon school boy now.  He spends most mornings at my mom’s and then gets on the bus at her house to head to the school.  He’s in a CPSE program – self contained class, with 6 kids, 2 aids and 1 teacher.  Essentially, each kid has 2 helpers, which is a phenomenal ratio.  It’s slated to be a 8:1:2 class, so other kids could be added, but even so, we are so pleased. 

This school change came at the time of transitioning from Early Intervention to CPSE (preschool special education).  Some of his service providers made the transition with him, others did not.  He’s getting a similar level of services, some at home, some at school.  Overall, he’s done well, although he does have times where he acts out and gets a bit unruly.  Therapists are dealing with that as it comes up. 

Since he is an afternoon kid, he’s also had to give up on his naps.  This is without a doubt his biggest transition and what I think is probably most responsible for his, shall we say, moods.  We do let him nap on the weekends, and even if he protests a bit, he still goes down for 2-3 hours.  There isn’t really time to nap him during the week, so these naps will have to get him through. 

Another transition for him was moving from his crib into a bed.  He now sleeps on a twin mattress, which rests on a twin box spring, which rests on the floor.  Like with Soccer Girl, we felt a toddler bed was a waste of money, so we moved right to the bed, albeit with bed rails for safety.  The day I put the bed in there, we spent a lot of time in it, talking about  the “big boy bed” and exploring his new spiffy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sheets.  He also has a set of SpongeBob  sheets, so depending on his mood, he has bedding to suit.  Overall, this was a flawless transition, and you would think he had been in a bed all his life.  If only potty training was this easy!  Yes, that’s next, but since he is showing no interest in doing anything on the potty, only in walking in on people in action in the toilet, we’re not rushing into anything. 

Our other transitioner, Soccer Girl, has made the move into Middle School look easy.  She’s adjusted to the changes well and seems to be doing well.  Since it’s *Middle School* (insert Halloween type scream here), anything can happen at any time, so we’re trying to be as prepared as any middle school parents can be.  Which is to say, hoping for the best, but preparing for the meltdowns. 

Hope your fall is going just as swimmingly.

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