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Visiting Day

August 10, 2009

campingYesterday, Mr. IT and I headed up to Soccer Girl’s camp for visiting day.

For those of you who have not been following our camp saga…

* She’s at a sleepaway camp for 3 weeks.

* We sent her for the second session instead of the first, because we didn’t want to send her for the full time for her first time, and this allowed her to do other stuff at home (swim team, for one) before she left

* She’s not far from home, maybe 150 miles, but we get to see her once during that time and got 2 phone calls.

*There is a great service called that camps use to post pictures of campers and their activities daily.  It’s a great way to see what your camper is doing, because heaven knows they aren’t going to tell you anything.  If your camp doesn’t use this, they should.

Overall, we had a great day, despite it raining off and on for most of it.  We did get a little archery in…

archery(Just a friendly reminder – when you are taking pictures, always check your white balance – I think I had mine set for the fluorescent lights of inside, not the clouds of outside.  Anyhow…)

There wasn’t much else we could do that was sport because of the rain.  But that was all right.  We had a great time just sitting and talking and hearing about all the fun she was having.

We met her friends who we keep seeing from the Bunk1 site. They’re all very nice and are making plans for getting together in the “off season”.

Before I left, I wasn’t sure what to bring.  I heard some people bring small trinkets for the other kids in the bunk.  My friend brought a cookie cake.  I decided to bake cupcakes, cookies and brownies.  A little overboard, maybe, but they went over like you would expect snack food at a camp to be eaten.  What is it about 9 year old girls and sugar products?  They’re starving all the time.  Come to think of it, the parents and counselors were digging in too.  I’m not a great baker, and everything was from mixes, so we’ll have to chalk this up to the country air.

I heard a parent at the pool the other day going on about how she would *never* send her kid to sleepaway camp, because it just wasn’t for her.  The parent, not the kid.  Mr IT went and hated it.  I never went but always wanted to.  I wasn’t sure how Girl would like it, but after seeing what a great time she’s had, I’m so glad we decided to send her.  The smiles on her faces in the pictures I see and when we visited yesterday were unbelievable.  She’s having a great time, and looking forward to next year.

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  1. August 10, 2009 5:05 pm

    I’m glad you got to get in a good visit. It looks like so much fun. My kids went once for a couple of weeks and had lots of fun after a rocky start. I wish I had sent them earlier and more often.

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