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Blogging BlogHer – Live from Chicago

July 23, 2009

chicagoI’m almost through with BlogHer Business and am getting ready for the mania of BlogHer 09 tomorrow and Saturday.  It’s kind of overwhelming and comforting, new and yet familiar.  I’m happy to see some old friends and meet some new faces.  I’m especially glad to have my co-workers here – always good to have some wingwomen.   A few random thoughts…

* She was late for the flight.  She had to be.  Before my flight took off, a woman ran on board with her infant son, followed closely by a flight attendant holding her bags.  She was out of breath, and said that she had to make a run for it.  Her shirt had ridden up, and you could see the “tiger claw marks” on her stomach, the stretch marks of motherhood.  But she was so frazzled as she didn’t care.  The flight attendant, who was kind of rude to other passengers, immediately let her sit down and then brought her a cup of water.  She sat in the bulkhead seats opposite mine.  I offered her my seat (I had the middle seat in my row empty).  A woman next to her offered to hold her boy while she settled.  All three of us – women who had been there, reaching out and making sure that one of our own was taken care of.  The mom was unfortunately too overwhelmed to take advantage of the situation, but she soon settled down while she and her boy napped.  It was nice to see people rallying to help the mom, rather than cursing the arrival of a little person in their aisle.

* Had dinner with an old friend last night.  Haven’t seen him in ages.  He mentioned how he continually uses one some of my wisdom…that is, if you are at a hotel, you do NOT always have to take the room they give you.  I had to laugh – he and I were on the STM conference for a while, and we went to many, many cities together.  I flashed back to times in cities like Cincinatti, Indianapolis, San Francisco, and Seattle, and remembered how often I would be given a room, would go up and check it out, and return to the front desk unsatisfied and demanding of a new abode for the trip.  He said that before me, he didn’t know you could do that.  Well, the IT Girl is here to remind you that you should never accept a sub par room at a hotel!  I’m not saying to demand a suite wherever you go (unless you choose to go that way).  I am saying that if you get to your room and it’s not to your liking (ex. poor air conditioning, in a heavily trafficked corridor) ask to be moved!  I recommend that as soon as you get your room, check it out and make sure you’re going to be happy in there.  WISH I had done that yesterday – my room here at the Sheraton was right next to the elevators, and the noise when I tried to go to sleep was deafening.  I went looking for a new room at midnight, but they had nothing that wasn’t near the elevator.  I was moved today, thankfully, but not until I lost a night’s sleep.

* Is BlogHer at the tipping point?  Are there so many parties, mommy-blogger outreach projects, and inflated expecations that can never be met?  Only the next two days, and carefuly reflection after the event will tell.

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