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IT Boy’s “First” Haircut

July 20, 2009

Boy is actually a veteran of 4 haircuts at this writing, but the last one went so well, I’m turning back the clock and calling it his first.

I’m the mom.  I can do that.  If I want to pretend that this was his first haircut experience, which is supposed to be perfect in memory, I can do that.

The first three were at my hair salon, 2 with Girl’s stylist and one with another stylist who is not very good.  Girl’s stylist rocks, and gave him 2 really good haircuts.  Of course, those cuts came while he was thrashing and freaking out.  Not fun.

Since we were approaching the point where everyone would tell me I have a cute little girl, I decided to start thinking about his next first haircut.  I polled everyone I know who knows kids with sensory issues (or those who have kids who are  just plain BOYS), and in the end decided to go to SnipIts, which opened a store recently in Scarsdale.

We went around 11am on a Saturday.  Since it was a summer weekend day, there was no wait.  Maria greeted him at the front of the store, gave him a ticket to be turned in for a toy later, and sat him down in  the chair.


That’s her and him, with Girl protectively looking on.  Once in the chair she blew bubbles and let him blow a few as well.  She was very impressed that he could blow bubbles so well.   I didn’t try and explain that he has a speech therapist who does this with him, nor did I mention that EVERY therapist finds themselves needing to break out the suds every once in a while to calm the boy.


She then gave him a squeeze toy and put the robe on him.  Penguins rock!  Still, no freakout or tantrum.  We were aided by having his favorite caregiver with us for extra calming.


She sprayed him with water and began snipping.  It took about 5 minutes, but it came out fine.  At the end while I paid, he had to put the ticket into the machine and it spit out a toy.  You can see him below playing with it.


A haircut, with no tears or tantrums, and a football too?  Score!

Seriously, we’ll be coming back to SnipIts for his haircuts until he’s 40.  They did a great job and kept me sane.  What more could I ask for?

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  1. talesofanunfinishedmom permalink
    July 20, 2009 4:55 pm

    Yay for an easy haircut! I’m so glad it went so smoothly. Haircuts can be traumatizing (for Mom, that is). What a cutie. He looks so grown up with his new “do.”

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