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Summer of the ITs

July 8, 2009

The last few blog entries have been a bit serious, so I figured it was time for some summer fun.

Soccer Girl has begun her transition to Swimmer Girl.  Thankfully, it still gives her the same initials.  I know if she was Baseball Girl all of a sudden, it would confuse me.  SG?  BG?  Identity crisis!  I guess I would have to make her play softball, if only to preserve the nomenclature.

She has participated  in 2 meets so far, doing quite well both times.  This year, she didn’t swim at all during the school year, so it’s a testament to how good a shape her 9 year old body is in that she didn’t bitch and moan at me the first weeks of practice, when the water is cold and the muscles are tight. 

She swam freestyle and backstroke in her first meet, and anchored a relay team.  At the second meet, she did the same, but also swam breaststroke for the first time.  This is incredibly impressive in my world, because the year I learned breaststroke in Red Cross swim class, it was a variant on the stroke, never to be seen again.  My breaststroke, as a result, looks like I am trying to hug a barrel in the water.  Which I why you won’t see it.  Kind of like the year they taught us metrics by emphasizing what the equivalents in US measurements were, and then abandoned the whole thing.  I’m getting off track, aren’t I…

Here’s some pictures of her:

Everyone into the pool!

Everyone into the pool!

That’s her on the starting blocks.  These meets can be trying on the parents because all the girls look alike.  They’re all in the same suit, with the same head covering.  And they know we’re crippled when it comes to telling them apart.  After one race where she placed 2nd in her heat, I told her she did great.  The reply was, “Are you sure it was me and not some other kid?  Because I did horribly!”    She knows, she knows.



That’s her, swimming.  I am really sure it is her.  Yep.  I believe the glare that she gave me when she got out of the pool (I was screaming her name during the race) sealed the deal on her being my offspring.

Boy, on the other hand, is not on a swim team, but has lightened up his schedule a little for the summer.  He’s a big fan of the pool and enjoys the sand car I bought him.  Yes, I am the most amazing parent ever.  I found my son a car with wheels, but no metal, so he can take it in the pool.  He’s the envy of everyone in the kiddie pool.  In fact, on Sunday, I heard a mom saying to her son that he would get a turn with the car shortly, thinking it was the pool’s property and not my boys.  I said he could take a turn, but only if he shared the super cool sailboat he was playing with.  We have pool currency! 

Of course, his favorite activity still is hitting on older women.  Here’s a shot from one of Girl’s last soccer practices where he went up to the older sibling of one of Girl’s teammates and offered to push her on the swing. 

"Push swings!"

"Push swings!"

When he is 17 and brings home a 30 year old divorce, all I will be able to say is I saw it coming.

How is your summer going?

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  1. July 9, 2009 2:02 pm

    Very light hearted – you struck just the right chord.

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