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Boy Meets Bob-Bob

May 21, 2009

Regular readers of this blog know that IT Boy is a huge fan of SpongeBob Squarepants.  “Bob-bob”, as he calls him, is the only TV show he will sit and watch.  As such, we own a bit of paraphernalia related to pineapple under the sea guy and are avid members of his cult.

Recently, a gas station in our town reopened after a long period of construction.  To promote their business, they had a series of costumed characters hanging out out front.  To tell you that my peeps had my back was an understatement – we got tons of phonecalls at all hours of the day from friends telling us that we had to get Boy down there because Mickey Mouse/Elmo/SpongeBob were hanging out there. 

Once, I stopped for gas there and rolled down the window so Boy could sing the theme song for Bob-bob.  He danced.  Boy sang.  It was cute.

Some people in our tiny village complained about the traffic they generated.  I thought it was cute, and entertained the Boy, so what was the harm?  We have traffic anyhow, with or without the characters, so seriously, lighten up.

The station eventually had a formal grand opening weekend.  There was a DJ playing horrifically loud music, a monster truck, and NASCAR car, and the return of the characters.  I decided to take Boy down there to commune with his homeboy.  I dressed him in a SB shirt for the occasion, drove into the village, parked across the street and walked him to the station.  In the end, this was as far as we made it to Bob-bob.

Boy meets Bob







I admit, he was a bit freaked out.  It’s not like I thought he would run over and hug him.  Soccer Girl had a well documented fear of costume characters, which meant shopping at Stew Leonard’s (where costumed cows roam the aisles) was a challenge, at best.  So this didn’t surprise me. 

At least he wasn’t crying.  He was flapping, for sure, but also really really excited.  Plus, he’s little, and SB is BIG.  So I think that contributed to his general overstimulation.  As well, you can blame the DJ with the horrifically loud music. 

In any case, he was talking about it the whole 2 minute car ride home.  “I saw BobBob, I saw BobBob.  BOB-BOB!!!”  Which, when it comes down to it, is the only thing that matters. 

Oh, and a special shout-out to the folks at Stars bagels – I really think it was unnecessary and rather rude to tape a gigantic “YOU ARE PARKED ILLEGALLY” sign on my car.  I parked there for all of 10 minutes, so I could safely walk my 2 year old across the street.  You were getting ready to close, there were NO cars in your parking lot, and I certainly wasn’t taking the space from a paying customer.  In fact, when I got back to my car I was planning on getting my wallet in order to purchase some end-of-day bagels for breakfast the next morning.  After seeing that rather nasty sign, I decided not to.  In fact, I have decided to NEVER visit your store again.   Have a nice day, ya meanies.

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  1. May 24, 2009 2:21 pm

    Побольше б таких штук

  2. May 27, 2009 4:56 pm

    I often drive past there on my way to Dobbs, thinking of photographing(for my blog)the sad humans trapped inside costumes to make a few bucks, but ya beat me to it. Glad to have found your blog.

  3. May 28, 2009 8:26 am

    So mean of them. Ugh! So happy for your boy. I love SB! That was quite a party. I won’t say how many hot dogs my family ate that day. So bad.

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