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Xtreme Games – Vote for Trash Raquetball!

April 27, 2009

golfish-gamesA couple of months ago, I took Soccer Girl to a Girl Scout event. It was for kids only, so another mom and her son took pity on me and invited me to have dinner with them at a local cafe. I knew both of them, but it was a nice way to get to know them better (and have a great meal as well.)

The young man, Geoffrey, told me about a contest that he had recently won. Pepperidge Farm ran the contest, which had the goal of having kids invent really cool xtreme sports games (so cool that the “e” in xtreme becomes superfluous.) The prize for the 6 finalists was a trip to the NBA All Star Game where their invented games would be staged and then videotaped. The videos would be going up on a web site where kids could then vote for their favorite.  The inventor of the winning game would also win $1000 in sporting goods.

I’m not sure how he came up with the game, but he’s pretty smart.  I’ll bet he’s smarter than most of us.  Combined.  Nice kid, though.  The kind you wouldn’t mind your kid being friends with.   The kind of kid who’s going to go places someday.  Running a company, operating a high-level think tank, or starting a popular social network.  Hey Zuck grew up around here, must be something the water or something.

The contest is about to end, so we don’t have much time!  In the spirit of  rewarding a really cool kid for a job well done,  go here and have your favorite 6-12 year old VOTE for Geoffrey’s Trash Raquetball game.  Because a nice kid should finish first!

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