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MEEB Like This

April 21, 2009

EDITED since post to clarify author’s involvement with the video…

Video is something that we have been experimenting with for book promotion for a couple of years now.  It’s a tricky medium.  Sometimes you overthink it and it doesn’t do the job you hoped it would.  Sometimes you get it just right.

And then you have those times when you find something that has been homebrewed.  That’s what happened with this video, “MEEB Like This”, which features  Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings.  

This music video was done on the student’s own time and funding, several months after taking the author’s course.   It started out as a talent show with other students and morphed into the video, but the author did not know about it until very recently and was not behind its creation. However you slice it, it’s pretty…ummm…different!

Presenting…”MEEB Like This”

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