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And now, we go Spanning The World…

April 16, 2009

stwIf you’re a New Yorker or a viewer of The Today Show, you know who Len Berman is.  For those who aren’t, he’s the evening sports anchor on WNBC.  He also goes national, doing those amusing “Spanning the World” segments on Today.  Of course, I am old enough to remember when these were the “Albert Achievement Awards”, but let’s not digress here…

April 22nd wil be Len’s last day at NBC.  He will be sorely missed, allegedly a casualty of this ridiculous string of cost-cutting that NBC and the local affiliate WNBC have been engaging in. 

This for me is the last straw – I was able to put up with a lot of other departures, but this to me says that the station has given up caring about quality content.  Anyone can read a sport segment, but to truly comment on the event, to understand the nuances of what’s going on (especially in the sports-hungry and passionate NY market)…well, that takes a talent, and they just lost a big one. 

Thankfully, you can visit Len’s website – be sure to sign up for the LenBermanSports newsletter to receive Len’s Top 5, his unique take on the world of sports.  I’ve been a subscriber for a few weeks now, and I have to say it’s one of the few newsletters that I make a point to read top to bottom.  It’s informative, funny, and usually make a great point or two.  Check it out here.  He’s also on Twitter at @lenbermansports, so follow him for late breaking sports announcements. 

As for me, I’m now auditioning new morning shows.  I still have Chuck on the WNBC digital station, wherever that is, for the 7pm broadcast, but who knows how long they will keep him.

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  1. April 17, 2009 1:19 pm

    Same thing happened to us here in Boston last year – in fact almost exactly a year ago.

    Bob Lobel has been in Boston as long as I have: both of us got to town in 1976. Yeah, do the math, I am 53.

    He was with WBZ, which used to be NBC and is now CBS.

    I am totally sympathetic.

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