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April 3, 2009

So, we’re off on our Disney world vacation.  Coincidentally, my buddy Steve brought up “WWED” – What Would Ellen Do?  It’s something worth bringing up in this space, in tribute to thosewho have gone to Disney with me.  These folks tend to  have very interesting comments about the trip and me.

“Task Master”

“I’ve never been so exhausted in my whole life!”

“How does she know all that stuff?”

“Dear God, she’s like the friggin Engergizer Bunny!  Make her stop!”

OK, so I’ve been to Disney A LOT.  I’ve lost track of how many times, but imagine it’s close to 30.  I enjoy it too.  Wouldn’t go that many times if I didn’t like it. I’m also a bit of a knowledge junkie.  I don’t like to not be in control of a situation, so I tend to overdue the research to make sure I’m prepared in any eventuality.  And when I do a park, I do a park full throttle.

To do this, I turn to a book that my company publishes, The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.  Sure, I get it cheap, but even if I didn’t work here, I would still buy it.  But don’t tell the travel team that, ok?  I need to keep the pipeline going. This book is the only guide that is more obsessive with detail than I am.  Interested in the best hotels for your price range?  Where’s the best place to eat at Animal Kingdom?  You want to know if Pooh’s ride will scare your 3 year old?  They’ll tell you that, and more.  I won’t go to Disney without it.  And if you don’t find what you are looking for in there, email the author or the Frommers team and they’ll take care of it in the next edition.

Another book, also from Wiley, that went over well in my house is Pauline Frommers Walt Disney World.  My mom is really the big fan of this book.  She was reading it on a road trip with me.  She kept hitting my arm, saying, “You have to hear this part!  It’s so funny!” or “Did you know this?”  While this was very annoying (hey, I was driving, and I can read, so I can go back to it later) it was nice to hear a veteran like my mom getting so much out of a book.  Who would have thought it?

If you want an online resource, I tend to begin and end with  Run by Deb Willis, it’s a great source for up to date park info.  I especially like their menus for all the restaurants, so I can plan where to take Soccer Girl when she demands a feeding.

Gotta run.  I think I hear Space Mountain calling my name…

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