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First born, second born

March 2, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped Soccer Girl off at a friend’s house so she could take the bus to school from there while I went to the gym.  I casually asked the mom if we needed to walk the kids to the bus stop.  The mom was a little shocked that I asked the question, because, as she jokingly said,  “she’s your first born!  Of course you should be walking her to the bus!  My kid’s the third, so she’s lucky I don’t just leave her on the doorstep in the morning as I speed off to work.”

The other day, IT Boy started imitating me at the dinner table.  I was getting frustrated because he refused to eat, and to calm myself I decided to sit there silent.  I didn’t realize that my body language gave me away until Boy crossed his arms over his chest and frowned, just like I was doing.  We went back and forth in a little imitating game for a little while, and it was so much fun.  I practically put out a press release about the event, I was so excited. 

It often seems that I have the kids in reverse.  When SG was younger, people often remarked what a calm mom I was, and were surprised that she was my first born because I was so at ease with her.   When she would have a “first”, she had a first.  Good for her, but please people, she’s a kid, and that happens.  I would be proud of her, but I was NOT going to be one of THOSE PARENTS who go off the deep end and practically bronze their kid’s first diaper out of misguided love. 

Now, when Boy hits a first, it’s a much bigger deal, for many reasons, but namely because he has to work so hard to achieve them.  So I do get a bit more excited, but I sure as heck am not bronzing anything.  Maybe it’s also because I know he’s my last kid, and the firsts he hits are going to be my last first moments.  So I revel in them, and enjoy them, as any parent should.

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  1. March 3, 2009 12:57 pm

    I’m one of THOSE PARENTS, and proud of it. There are no bronzed diapers here, but I do have seven hours of video of him as a baby. Two of those hours are of him sleeping. That’s not misguided love, it’s just wasted video tape (I tried to watch some of that video last summer while converting it to DVD, and wow, there’s just no way to stay awake when watching somebody sleep).

    However, I would *love* to see video of IT Boy doing his best Ellen impression. Maybe we could run a contest and see if anybody can beat him at the game!

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