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Movie Day!

February 2, 2009

I always say that I don’t get out much.  I suppose everything is relative, but for a girl who used to go to museums, bars, and events in the city, it’s the truth.   

Movies?  Forget about it.  What time isn’t spent at work or with the kids is usually devoted to the gym.  Mr. IT and I usually have very different tastes in film, so we do better going solo.  Which in my case means taking the kids to kids movies.  I usually say it’s better than not going at all, but I do long for the times when I can see an adult movie (I’m not talking all XXX here, so just get your heads out of the gutter.  Thank you.)

In the time post-children, by the time the Academy Awards roll around, I’m scratching my head to try and remember if I have actually seen any of the films.  Mostly, the only ones that have crossed my eyeballs are the one or two already on DVD (eg. Tropic Thunder, Vicki Christina Barcelona). 

But no, my friends, not this year.  Your suburban house frau has a plan.  It’s called the AMC Best Picture Showcase.  The day before the Oscars, Februray 21, select AMC theatres will be showing all 5 best picture nominees one after the other.  This year, the day will start at 10:45am with Milk, and conclude with a showing of Frost/Nixon which begins at 9:45pm. 

One day, 5 movies.  I may have to bring a stadium cushion.  Apparently, there is a bit of time between each movie, so you can walk around and grab some sustenance other than the FREE POPCORN that comes with your ticket.  Oh, and you also get a souvenir laminated pass that you know I will insist on wearing to label myself not just as MOVIE DORK but as DORK DORK. 

Luckily, it’s during winter break, so there’s no soccer or basketball to dodge for the day.  I conned a friend into going, she bought the tickets, and we’ve got it happily circled in our day runners.  I lined up a babysitter, in case Mr. IT needs a break from the mayhem of the kids for a day.  Blackberry will be turned off, and into the world of cinema I shall descent.  In no time, I will be prepared to debate with any of you who should win, who shouldn’t, and what films were a total waste of time.  Till then, see you at the movies.


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