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Facebook and Fate

January 14, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my Facebook rules is that I try to always accept friend requests from people who went to my high school.  I went to a very small private school in Westchester that isn’t in existence any more.  Friending classmates and participating in my school’s Facebook group gives me some sense of connection with the people there.

Recently I saw a post on our group from a classmate named Ronit.  She was one of the cool girls back in high school – very into rock music, dressed like a rocker chic, but at the same time was very nice to others, never snobby.  She was Israeli, and after graduation moved back to the country to perform her compulsory military service.  In the transition, she lost touch with a lot of people, as well as her yearbook.    She talked of being sad that she couldn’t reminisce about her senior year and show her daughters pictures from that time.  I was editor of my grade’s yearbook – I know how much that book means to me, so I could imagine how she felt. 

The great part about this story is that I was in a position to do something to help her.  You see, at the end of my 10th grade year, which was her senior year, I was at an end-of-term party on Glen Island.  Let’s just say it wasn’t school sponsored, and when I got home I passed out cold, and I don’t think my mother talked to me for a couple of days after that.  Never really did get the smell of beer out of my carpet.  Moving on…not relevant to the story…tangent…. 

Anyhow, there was girl there named Gloria, who got even more messed up than I did, and ended up….well, let’s just say she ended up doing something with someone that she probably regretted.  REALLY regretted.  BIG TIME.   When she left the party, in a big hurry, she left her yearbook behind.  Someone gave it to me with the instruction to bring it to her in the fall when school started again.  Being drunk and stupid, I was in no position to argue, and did what I was told.

Fall came and went, but Gloria never returned to school.  And I was stuck with a second yearbook.  I held onto it all these years, for no reason in particular.  As a result, when I saw Ronit’s post, I was so pleased to be able to write to her and offer her a second chance at her senior yearbook from 1982. 

Gloria’s loss is now Ronit’s gain, thanks to Facebook.  And I finally have an answer to why I was keeping that yearbook all those years.  It’s being packed up today for it’s trip to Israel.  I cannot wait to hear what her daughters think about pictures of her from back in the day.  What goes around, truly comes around, it seems.

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