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Insurance Drama

December 18, 2008

Sure, it’s pretty much a given that someone is going to gripe about their insurance company.  But in this case, my griping has a message for you.

Not so long ago, we got a letter from our insurance company that Mr. IT’s primary physician was not going to be in network any more.  I’m not sure if he thought to call them to verify this, or had called to get referred to a new doctor, but it turned out it was not true.  He was still in network, no change.  In fact, Mr. IT was the one that notified the office that these letters were being sent out. 

We never got a letter from them correcting their mistake and reassuring us that the doctor had never been dropped from network.  So when Boy’s eye doctor was cited in a similar letter, I called them.  Turns out that too was a mistake.  A doctor with a very similar name did drop the insurance plan, and they sent letters to patients of our doctor instead.

This just goes to show that if you do get a letter like this from your insurance company, don’t just accept it, call the doctor directly.  Find out if it’ s accurate before you simply go and find a new doctor.   A public service message, brought to you by the Friends of IT.

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  1. December 22, 2008 11:35 am

    Glad you get to keep your doctor! I’ve been running through the medical system a lot this year and it’s tricky finding someone you like.

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