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Winter Fun in NYC

December 8, 2008

young-girl1If you’re from NYC or have ever visited this time of year, you know that there is no more amazing city to be in for the Christmas season.  Decorated store windows, the tree in Rockefeller Center, Santaland at Macy’s in Herald Square -we have it all and more.

We also have an overabundance of holiday shows.  A true embarrassment of riches.  There’s Broadway, of course, where there is usually a special show or two.  Used to be “The Grinch”, I think it’s “White Christmas” this year.  There’s the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, which we went to last year and feel free to skip for the next 4 years.  There’s the Nutcracker, not just at the NYC Ballet but all over town (I hear the Nut is a huge cash cow for any ballet company.)  And, there’s the Cirque Du Soleil offering, Wintuk.

My mom and I took Girl to see Wintuk on Friday.  The two of them had seen La Nouba at Walt Disney World, and were eager to see another Cirque production.  I’ve seen at least 4 or 5 Cirque productions by now – “O” on my 40th birthday last year was the most recent.  I was a little apprehensive.  I didn’t want mom and Girl to be disappointed.  I was aware that Nouba was a more typical Cirque production – over the top, thrill a minute.  Wintuk was smaller, more intimate, and specifically created for families.  Would they consider it a letdown?

I shouldn’t have worried.  It was charming, adorable, and hugely memorable.  Instead of watching ten acrobats, you’re watching 1.  It’s more intimate and special this way.  I loved watching Girl’s face through the whole thing – she called it “catching flies”, mouth open with amazement.  My favorite performer was the skater girl – she had a great attitude.  I also loved the tightrope walker.  Yes, 1 tightrope walker, on a loose “clothesline” stole the show for me.  Mom loved the juggler woman who juggled 8 or so balls.  Simple, but so memorable.  Girl loved it all, but really loved the hula hoop woman.  The final moment of the show was totally magical – I won’t give it away here, but trust me it was great.  Even a cynical NYer like me was filled with joy.

Our seats were stage left in the third row.  You probably could have sat further back and had a great view, but we wanted to make sure it would be right up there with the action.

If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate the holidays with your family, and want something a little different from the usual, I highly recommend Wintuk.  It’s going to be something we remember for a long time.

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  1. December 11, 2008 6:48 pm

    I do miss that – it’s so exciting in NYC at Christmas. So Exciting

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