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An “Oasis” from the crazy world outside

November 17, 2008

Apparently, my constant griping about my busy existence has not fallen on deaf ears.  I was recently offered the opportunity to partake in a treatment at Oasis, a new day spa opening up in my area.  Oasis has 2 locations in Manhattan.  Their new location is in Dobbs Ferry, about 2 minutes from my house and 1 floor above my gym.  It was certainly convenient, so I immediately accepted their most generous offer, as long as I could do it over lunchtime. 

I visited the spa on Friday, which was their “trial run” day before their official opening on November 15.  To be sure, there was still a bit of construction and chaos in the spa.  Bruce, the owner, was pointing out things in the waiting area that still needed to be updated (different lights that could be dimmed, ottomans coming for the middle of the room).  His candor was refreshing and you could easily see the place would be great when it was finally done. 

After a wait, Mary, my aestician came in to get me.  I was having a 1 hour facial, which seemed to be a good treatment to try in the middle of the day.  Refreshing enough, but without “spahead” that would prevent me from getting back to work.  Mary took me into a quiet and pleasant treatment room which blocked out almost all of the noise in the corridor.  Shebegan by asking me questions about my skin, and ascertained that I was “sensitive.”  No surprise there.  She then took a look at my skin, and while she could have easily reprimanded me for my past of manually popping zits, she didn’t.  She saw that she could do some extractions, and determined which were the right products for me.  Mary then went over exactly what she would be doing during the facial so there were no surprises.  Since I haven’t had many facials in my life, this was appreciated. 

The treatment itself was wonderful, reinvigorating, and left my skin looking beautiful.  Not glowing, per se, as that would imply a rough facial – just healthier and better looking than when I walked in.  I felt relaxed but not so dazed that I couldn’t get back into a powerpoint I had been working on before I left. 

I would certainly go back for another facial, or to try a different treatment.  I like that the owners live locally and have a stake in our area.  I will be back at the spa very soon to get some spa dollars for holiday gifts – I know some people who could really benefit from a visit here. 

Oh, and one more thing…Oasis has the softest and most amazing robes I’ve ever worn.  In fact, sitting in the waiting room with all the other women, we kept oooing and aaahing about how great they were.  I checked the label and saw they were from Boca Terry.  Bruce said they would be selling them in the spa in a few weeks.  Hopefully, just in time for Christmas, hint hint!

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  1. November 17, 2008 10:47 am

    I love Oasis! I’ve been to the Park ave location a few times when I lived in NYC. Would love to get there again. Good for you…

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