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You spin me round round baby

October 9, 2008

I admit it, I’m a gym rat.  I enjoy going to the gym.  I love lifting heavy weights, listening to cool tunes on the elliptical, and even sweating it out in boot camp.  I like most classes offered at the gym, and when I can fit them in, I usually do.  With one exception.


I like to bicycle.  I like classes.  Why wouldn’t I like spinning?  I don’t really know.  It’s been a deep seeded prejudice of mine for a while.  What I like about classes is moooooving.  They’re usually held in bright airy rooms.  Spinning is none of that.  You pick a bike that you remain attached to for the entire class and you ride it in a dark claustrophobic room.  Not my thing.

Or so I thought.  When I was working with a trainer at Club H in Hoboken, she strongly urged me to try spinning because of the massive cardio burn.  As my Mii can attest, I am always in need of massive cardio burn.  Once I went to take the class and had only one sneaker.  Ooops.  Next time, I was closed out of sign ups 15 minutes before the class started.  Seriously?  It’s that popular?

There’s also my friend Rina.  She spins all the time, but that may be because her husband bicycles and she’s just trying to make sure she can keep up with him.  She always said it was a great workout, but I “yeah yeahed” her on my way to boot camp.

Then, I ran into Bonni outside of my boot camp class.  Bonni looked all sweaty.  Bonni got sweaty in Spin, which she said was a great workout.  I’ve been nagging Bonni to try boot camp, so then and there she agreed to try it if I tried Spin.

My end of the bargain was upheld today.  I knew that you have to sign up the day before, so yesterday I called for a spot in the 6am Spin class.  Seriously.  I figured that I could workout and then go into work, because Mr IT is home with the kids. 

When I showed up, there were all of 8 others in the class, which you can probably attribute to today being a fasting Jewish holiday.  I certainly wouldn’t be rushing to workout if I couldn’t carbo load after my workout.  The instructor said, “I’m assuming there aren’t any new people here today,” to which I raised my hand.  She was most amazed that there was someone out there who still hasn’t tried spin, and was willing to do that at 6 in the friggin AM.  I joked and said I was giving step aerobics a try next week.  She set up my bike and gave me some hints on how to make it through class, and then off we went on our “ride.”

First off, it wasn’t as boring or as hard as I thought it would be.  Certainly next time I can push myself harder, but I worked pretty hard for the first time as it was.  She wasn’t the perkiest or most energetic teacher, but at that hour I appreciated it.   I’m eager to see how other instructors run the class.  I could have used some peppier music, as I am a total slave to the beat.  Heart rate monitor showed just over 500 calories burned in 45 mintues, which ranks well in my book.   I haven’t done pure cardio for a while, so I had forgotten how hungry it can make you!  I had a small protein shake before the class (150 calories) and then wolfed down my cheese snack which I usually save for later in the day, and then hit the cafeteria for some scrambled egg whites.  Easy, girl!  If I keep this up, I’ll be waddling around before lunch.

In summary, Spin is something I will definitely try again.  Now, to get Bonni to boot camp!

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  1. October 10, 2008 10:53 am

    Ah- Spin. I’ve doing been going to Spin class at 5:45am 2 days a week for the past year. I’ve gotten a little tired of it but it does pay off (not that I’d ever be happy with my body but it helped post-baby for sure). I’d actually like to do Boot Camp myself but the only class my gym has at 5:45 in the morning is Spin and Body Pump which I rotate when I can.
    Glad you to hear you gave it a shot. Never say never unless you try it! (BTW- that’s just something I heard someone else say- I always say never even before I try something)
    Hope you’re legs feel nice and tired today. (cause’ that’s a good thing, right?)

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