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Judge a book cover, or just create one

October 9, 2008

Ever looked at a book cover and said, wow, that cover does a great job of conveying what the book is about! Or thought that you could do better?

Well, your moment has come. We at Wiley have launched the Wiley Design Challenge.  Photoshop users and designers can create a book cover and enter into a contest for a chance to have their design featured on a Wiley book cover. Even more than that, we are offering chances to win cash prizes, free books, and SmugMug memberships for other winners. SmugMug was kind enough to help create and host the site, so I thank them for that!

The book we’re doing the design for is Sybex author Al Ward’s Photoshop for Right-Brainers: The Art of Photomanipulation, 3rd Edition.  Think of that title and what inspiration comes to you.  Then hurry right over to the Wiley Design Challenge website and check out the contest rules.  Who knows, your cover design could be the one we pick!

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