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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

October 7, 2008

If the title of this post has you jumping to your feet and dancing all over your darkened living room, you are in good company.  As the weather turns cold and Halloween nears, you can’t help, if you are me, thinking of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Dressing up in Magneta’s french maid costume, dying my hair red and headingdown to the movie theater in Greenwich Village, New Rochelle or Westhampton (depending on how far my mom let me travel and where we were at that time of year).  We danced, screamed at the screen, and bonded with random strangers in gold Speedos.  It’s certainly not the same watching it on a TV screen, but I still know all the words to the song and the character comebacks.  At my daughter’s school’s Halloween parade, they play an infinite loop tape that includes “The Time Warp” that has me doing the dance (quietly and subtlety) on the athletic field. 

So you can imagine my horror when I was pointed to a post on BlogHer talking about a proposed remake of the beloved classic.   

No, no and no! 

When is this recycling trend going to stop?  How in the world can this be good, especially when the plan is to put Russell Brand, the horrific host of the MTV Video awards, as Frank-N-Furter.  Hands off this “it’s so bad it’s good” classic.  Give me the chance to introduce another generation to the midnight showings – I’ve heard a number of parents who have taken their teenagers and had a blast.  I think Girl would make a fantastic Columbia, and Boy would rock as Eddie.  Hmmm, maybe I have a Halloween idea for this year!

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  1. Rina permalink
    October 7, 2008 4:35 pm

    Would Mr. IT be Frank N Furter????? I remember he wouldn’t dress up as Hannah Montana last year, but maybe this is more palatable?

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