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A Work In Progress

October 5, 2008

IT Boy has been in school just under a month.  Overall, things are going as well as can be expected, when you take into account what a radical chance preschool is for the boy. 

Here’s how his weekdays go…He goes to his grandmother’s house for breakfast while we go to work.  She puts him on the bus around 8:45 each morning.  He’s in school from 9-11:30, then takes a bus home, arriving around noon.  At this point, he’s usually sound asleep, which is where the biggest transitions have been.  Sometimes, you can give him a little snack and he goes back to sleep.  Other times, he’s up, and nothing can get him to nap, and we have to deal with the resulting crankiness.  We were prepared, but still found some surprises.  For instance, his sessions at 2pm have become challenging, where the times we’ve tried to have them at 1pm or 5pm have been more successful.  

Last week, the school called me.  They suggested that he might benefit from being given ABA Therapy.  This was mentioned when he first started, and I said I would look into it and consider it. 

Well, I’ve done little on that end, other than talk to Boy’s service providers. Their response to ABA has ranged from “not now” to “hell no, he won’t go.”

Most of what I have read hasn’t swayed me either way.  There have been some YouTube videos showing sessions that gave me an idea of the therapy, but since Boy isn’t on the autistic spectrum and most examples show the therapy applied that way, it’s hard to gauge.

Has anyone had experiences, positive or negative, with ABA?  I’m going to view a session at the school on my day off this week.  I’m pretty comfortable with telling the school that I am not ready to try this yet, and give the (many) other therapies he’s working with a chance to gel.  I certainly am satisfied with the progress I’ve seen.  If this could help him as well, I’m willing to consider it.  But seeing people who I trust say that it has the potential to do more harm than good doesn’t help me to see it as an option.

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