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I have confidence*

September 1, 2008

Phone conversation from last Friday:

“Hello, is this IT Boy’s Mom?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“Hi, this is XYZ Bus Company.  We’re calling to confirm Boy’s transportation to ABC Preschool.”


“We didn’t get the paperwork from his coordinator in time, so we’re not going to be able to start him until September 8.”

“That’s fine.” (Note, that is actually fine.  It’s 2 weeks earlier than the coordinator thought he would start.)

“Good, good, so we have him on the PM schedule…”

“No, AM.”


“No, AM.”

“Well, his paperwork says PM, so he’s been put on a PM route.  Hold on for a second…”

<music on hold for 5 minutes>

“OK, it seems that the paperwork does say AM, so…”

“Does that mean he’ll still get bus service starting the 8th?”

“Well, he’s on the PM schedule, so we’re going to have to change that.”


This is not making me feel all warm and fuzzy about him taking the bus.  Ah, the adventure begins!


*Anytime I can use the title of a song from The Sound of Music, I’m all over it.

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  1. It Sitter permalink
    September 4, 2008 5:25 pm

    You just had to bring up S.O.M. right?
    Am? Pm? See- thats why we use proper 24 hour time- no confusion there!!!
    Btw, he will never make it home awake on the bus anyway- white noise and the excitement of the day will do their magic…

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