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BlogHer Recap in Pictures

July 25, 2008

Since people I work with have been asking for a BlogHer recap from me, I figured I better put something up here.  And what’s better than a post, that requires BIG THOUGHTS?  How about some awesome photos of me hobnobbing with celebrities?

Susan Etlinger, Charlene Li and me

Susan Etlinger, Charlene Li and me

This was after the MommyBlogging, Radical Act or Not, Let’s Discuss session.  Susan, who was to moderate her own panel the next day,  waited with me to get a picture with Charlene.  Fittingly, it was her last day at Forrester Research.  I’m pretty convinced Charlene was a little afraid of me.  You see, fangirls are to Dooce as I am to Charlene.  She may have thought me spooky, she may not have.  I’ll know for sure when I get served with that restraining order. 

Me and Y, down by the schoolyard

Me and Y, down by the schoolyard

For some reason, 2 cosmos gave me the courage to go up to Y (who I met at last year’s BlogHer, and is tight with the Moxie Girls) and ask for a photo.  She’s kind of a big deal in this community, but when you meet her she’s sweet as sugar and you really just want to hug her (and y’all know how I feel about the hugging).  I think we both look pretty damn hot, despite the fact that my psycho-stalker aura is starting to come through.  I ended up the night eating cheeseburgers with her in Alpha Mom’s suite.  That’s a BlogHer thing, you kinda have to be there.

Just a couple of girls with cheeseburgers

Just a couple of girls with cheeseburgers

I have to say, I love the new WordPress way of putting captions below the photos.  Anyhoo, that’s me and Tracee Sioux, who is an awesome new blogging buddy of mine.  We took about 10 photos before we got to ones where I didn’t look scary, but could have used a little lipstick.  Tracee’s just real cute, period, and hopefully, some of it rubbed off on me.

Charlies Angels Redux

Charlies Angels Redux

Stephanie Klein’s husband was cool enough to take a picture of her with Neeti Maddan and me.  Neeti went to school with him, so they’re buds.  I was just an interloper.  This was after 2 cosmos + no food.  Not sure I even knew where I was at this point.

And finally, where would “Confessions” BlogHer recap be without a shot of my biggest celebrity encounter?

Aren't we cute together?

Aren't we cute together?

I love me the blue Muppets.  I would have posted the video, but it was enough of a struggle to talk to a piece of blue shag carpet without staring at the guy with his hand up Grover’s behind, and look cute at the same time.  Some things are going to have to remain un-recapped.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. July 25, 2008 11:52 pm

    I personally thought Grover’s handler was wicked cute. But he had his hand up Grover’s ass, that’s just weird. Nice pics – you looked very stylin’ the whole event! (you did the cheeseburger party? really?)

  2. July 26, 2008 12:36 am

    It was great meeting you. Yes I went to school with Neeti and she’s as genuine today as she was in 4th grade with me teasing her about well…everything.


  3. July 26, 2008 7:55 am

    Yes, Al, I did the cheeseburger party. The suite was right next to Neeti’s room, and she kept wondering what was going on in that room, so I had to drag her there.

    Phil, you’re a good sport in so many ways. To be refered to as Stephanie Klein’s husband and not correct me? Well, that’s just awesome. And I thought Neeti was too. We’ll have to go for cosmos in the city soon. My treat. I’ll enable food, too, so we don’t all get loop.

  4. July 27, 2008 12:52 am

    Hey there. You know, you’re highly photogenic. I also thought Grover’s guy was cute, in a Muppetish sort of way. And what is this about a cheeseburger party?!? Sounds fun.


  5. July 27, 2008 10:37 pm

    I was hoping your cute would rub off on me! Thanks for the mention!

  6. July 28, 2008 12:02 pm

    aw, yay! You got to hang with Y. She’s so fun. (pssst… our URL is missing the “the”. hee!)

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