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BookExpo Day 2

June 19, 2008

Yeah, I’m totally late with this, but 1. it was an amazing day for me and for Wiley and 2. we don’t have days like that every day and 3. I posted day 1 so I better post day 2.

Where do I begin?  Like I said, we don’t have days like that every day.  Wiley’s trade program has always been strong, but in recent years, we’ve brought in some big time books, and that was reflected at our stand at the conference.  We had some great book signings, and big time celebrity visits.

First, Erin Manning did another superstar presentation.  It’s not often that you can find someone talking on a technical topic who is able to engage the crowd and keep them listening for almost a half an hour.  She was followed by Don Felder, former guitarist for the Eagles, promoting his new book Heaven and Hell.  The line for his book was huge – and it included a number of Wiley employees, ahem!  After Felder was done signing, he went to do his BlogTalkRadio interview, and Steven Watts and Hugh Hefner showed up to promote the Hefner biography Mr. Playboy.  Of course, Dr. Ruth managed to jump in there for a photo opp as well.  The woman is a promotion machine.  Watts and Hefner signed, and then did a BTR interview as well.

For me, the most INTERESTING part was checking out the security detail that made up Felder’s and Hef’s entourages.  Felder had one guy waking around the booth with his little Bluetooth piece, looking like an extra from the Sopranos.  Hef had two guys, both ex-LAPD, as cool as they come. I enjoyed chatting with them about life on the edge.  I got a couple of pictures of them with Hef – they’ve got bunny lapel pins, makes them easy to recognize.  I’ve got these in a Facebook album…link to come.

After all this was done at 3pm, a bunch of Wiley people crawled out of the booth in search of sustinence.  Thankfully, the wildcat strike in the cafeteria had ended, so we were able to get some french fries and sit down, catch our breath, and reflect on a most amazing day.

I also haven’t spoken the praises of John Havens from BlogTalkRadio enough.  He helped make this BEA truly amazing.  Imagine someone who could interview everyone from a Dummies author who wrote a fitness book to Mr. Playboy himself, and give them the time and respect they deserved, and help us create great content that we can use to promote these books.  I’m so thankful we were able to pull this off – it was indeed a BEA for the books!

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