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radio silence

June 16, 2008

Sure, it’s been a long time since I posted.  But do you know what’s harder?  Writing that first post when you get back.  You want it to be pithy, important, and meaningful.  But in reality, you just want to “break the seal” and get back to business.  So here I go…

This week as a whole has been super busy.  I was traveling, with an overnight to Indy.  But the real energy was expended because Little IT had everything going on.  Her dance recital was Saturday, followed by her performance in “High School Musical”.  Yes, on the same day.  Yes, I sorta knew they would be the same day.  Yes, I sorta knew we’d cope.  We had 4 dress rehearsals the week before, which exhausted her to no end.  Somehow she got all her homework and piano practice in, but we decided to wait a week before she started practice for summer swim team.  Kid’s gotta breathe sometime, no? 

The performances were wonderful.  She has such a smile when she’s on stage, you can tell she adores what she’s doing.  Although IT Boy stole the show at both performances, first by burping in the ear of the guy in front of us, and then at the play when he got all excited seeing her on stage that he started to crack up, loudly enough so everyone in the theatre heard him.  These are special times, I tell you.

I promise, now that the seal has been broken, to post regular updates.  At least until the next business trip. 

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  1. June 17, 2008 8:02 am

    Good to know that you had not joined the witness protection program. I know just how busy you have been, practically tasmanian devil whirling busy! Hope that things calm down a bit and that you can get back in the blog groove. Lucky me, gets bits on the soccer side-lines and in passing, but the rest of your blog fan club must be suffering withdrawal.

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