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You’ve gotta have art

May 15, 2008

Last night was one of my favorite events at Little IT’s school.  It was the Art Show.  I love this event because:

1. The kids love it

2. There’s nothing being sold

3. There’s nothing to buy

4. There’s nothing to eat

5. It’s just about the art. 

I caught a glimpse of PVE checking out the competition.  And boy, she should be worried.  Some of those kids are darn good. 

I remember last year being there with my mom.  Mom’s not the kind of person who praises for the sake of praise.  While she liked Little IT’s cityscape, it was the “Mary Cassatt” style family portrait done by another girl that caught her eye.  It pictured the artist and her mom sitting in their living room.  What my mom loved was that she included a picture over the sofa in the painting, essentially making it a picture within a picture.  The inside picture was surrealist, and that’s what amazed my mom, that this girl could capture two styles in one picture so effortlessly.  When we were walking through the halls of the school, I saw the girl who was the artist.  I stopped her and told her that my mom was raving about her picture and how it was the best in the show, which my mother then repeated.  She just beamed with pride.  You saw a lot of that same face in all the kids last night, which is another thing that makes it so special.

One year, they didn’t have the art show because of budget cuts.  They reinstated it last year, but just made it for grades 2-4.  I’m happy they have it, but think it would be wonderful to have for more ages.  Music and art are so important, and I’m glad her school places a priority on them. 

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  1. May 15, 2008 9:22 pm

    thanks for the mention, inspiration is where you find it!
    loved every minute and wanted more! we must fight to get more art for all ages!

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