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When Less = More, and even Less = Less

May 2, 2008

Less = More – Before I went on spring break, I blogged about how IT Boy’s service providers were using the dreaded “P” word – Plateau.  He wasn’t regressing, but he wasn’t progressing either.

So, we came back from vacation, and every one of them has marveled about what progress he’s made.  FROM THE WEEK WHERE HE DIDN’T SEE ANY OF THEM.  He’s played around with his balance, started taking side steps, pointing a ton more, saying “a ball” instead of just “ball”…oh I could go on. 

But what does this mean?  Is my theory that he may be getting too much therapy for real?  Did he need a break, or was he just ready to progress at that moment in time?  Did so much contact with his family bring this out of him?  I may never know, but it’s going to be something that I watch closely.

On a related note….less = less.  I didn’t workout at all during vacation, despite my best intentions and a cute running outfit in my suitcase.  When I got back to the gym, I had lost weight.  A good amount of it, even.  I tried 3 scales at the gym, and all verified the results. 

So, no workouts, Dairy Queen, and mega BBQ = a healthy lifestyle?  Or is Texas just filled with magic healing powers?  You can imagine how stumped and confused I am now. 

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  1. May 2, 2008 5:26 pm

    Maybe you had more phyical exercise on your vacation than appears(running here and there happily. You probably had good night sleeps and no stress for sure(am I correct?) Somehow stress and sleep do enter into the equation of weight gain and weight loss. Now you have to try that dairy queen, bbq and no exercise during your work week. Bet you aren’t as happy with results. It’s all trial and error and usually different with each person.

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