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Freakout Friday

May 2, 2008

It’s not enough that it’s the week before Sales Conference, and the end of our fiscal year, as has been previously mentioned.  Now, the fates are ganging up on me.  In fact, exactly when I think it can’t get any weirder, it does, so I almost hesitate to post now, lest something amusing and blogable happen.  I may have to update this post if something good comes up.   

First, my babysitter called in sick today.  Not her fault, certainly, because she apparently had quite a day from hell yesterday too.  In fact, she’s NEVER called in sick, so she’s certainly owed this one.  And she reads this blog, so if I dared to say that the planets probably could not have found a worse day for her to be sick, she would feel horribly guilty about something that isn’t her fault. 

I got mom on the phone and asked her to come over here to watch IT Boy.  She first demurred, saying it would be easier to have IT Boy at her establishment.  I demurred (ok, freaked out) back, saying that 3 service providers were due today and to change them at the last minute would put all of us over the edge.  In fact, the 3 were due at 9, 10 and 11, and I called mom at 8.

So, mom gets here around 8:45.  We wait, and wait, and wait for provider #1, and she doesn’t show.  Oh, wait, no, that’s her, pulling in at 10am, right behind provider #2.  They do some sort of cage match/jello wrestling thing, and agree that #2 should stay, and #1 will reschedule.

This is a lot of work.  And requires a lot of brain power.  And in between performance appraisals, powerpoints, session agendas, objectives and salary planning, I ain’t got none of that.  Plus, IT Boy was none too happy to see ANYONE today, and sobbed through session #1, which was really supposed to be session #2, but you get the picture by now.  IT Boy calmed down at the end of the session, but provider #3 just arrived, and I could hear from upstairs that as soon as she came in the door, he just lost it and broke down.  Ah, that’s my Boy.

Finally, I track down the mom who’s kid was supposed to come here for a playdate with Little IT this afternoon.  I left messages for her at home and on the cell.  I was a little worried that we’d have to change both kid’s pickup instructions with the school office, because yesterday I heard of a mom who did that and the office never notified the kid and she took the bus home to find no one home.  The mom called me around 10am and said that she had been at school all morning.  Little IT went over to her, told her everything that was going on, and arranged to have the playdate at her house with that mom picking them up.  Without a doubt, hearing that was the best part of my day.  My kid is working for the team!  GO LITTLE IT! 

Just another day in the life of a working mama. 

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