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Party Like a Poet

March 17, 2008

Tomorrow, I will be representing my company at Poets & Writers’ annual “In Celebration of Writers” awards dinner.  What is this event?  I refer to the press release:

Held at the Ritz Carlton, New York City, “In Celebration of Writers” is Poets & Writers’ largest fundraising event, attracting luminaries from the arts, publishing industry and media.

And me.  My boss usually goes, but he’s out of town on business, so I got his invite.  He refused to say how many people he asked to go in his place before he got me to bite, but I would think there were at least a handful.  For no other reason than I’m pretty much your least likely subject to be at an event with luminaries.  Heck, I’m barely able to write the word “luminaries” without spell check. 

Yet, I will be there.  I’m totally grateful for the opportunity to attend.  Being in tech publishing, I often forget that I really do work in publishing.  You know, those people who disseminate knowledge!  Books!  Things that bring joy to the masses!  I’ve had my head buried so deep in tech conferences and gatherings that this will be a nice change.  It’s sponsored by Barnes & Noble, so many of the buyers at HQ will be there, and it will be most pleasant to hob nob with them. 

I’m hoping I don’t flashback to the “mixers” the English department used to hold in college.  Fish out of water doesn’t come close to describing it.  I was one of the only ones who didn’t read for leisure (outside of Stephen King) and could talk ad nauseum about “literature”.  Nothing much on that front has changed (the last book I read was “Candy Girl” by Diablo Cody) but I feel my geekiness can default into a superiority crutch.  You know, “No, I didn’t read the latest Cormac McCarthy, but did you see that tweet about XYZ?”  I’m only pulling that out if I feel under gun, so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.     

I’m not embarrassed to say I had to buy an outfit for the event.  Publishing offices in general have gone way more dressed down than when I started out, at least on my side of the Hudson.  Thanks to Eileen, my friend and stylist, I found a great dress that didn’t break the bank. 

I’m guessing I might be one of the only folks tweeting at the event, but if you want to follow me, “elleinthecity” on twitter will house my updates. 

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  1. March 17, 2008 7:09 pm

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and giving me a shout out. I love shopping and finding bargains so any time you want to go I am at your service.

    Which outfit did you pick????

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