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BTR and Andy Beal

March 8, 2008


Andy Beal, the author of “Radically Tranparent” was interviewed here at SXSW by John Havens of BlogTalkRadio.  You can listen to the interview here

I also attended Andy’s book reading at SXSW and it was great.  I have to admit, if I didn’t work for the company, he would have convinced me that I need this book.  Not just for reputation monitoring and personal brand management, but to learn the best ways to communicate with my customers and figure out what we as a company can do better.  He made a very sweet plea at the end to attendees to help insure he was not the only author at the end of a session with no one to sign for, but that was not the case.  Even though I was questioning the book stage venue, it brought out the book buyers, so something is working!

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  1. March 8, 2008 11:04 am

    It was a lot of fun and it seems like ORM is becoming top of mind. Thanks!

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