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March 3, 2008

Last week, we had IT Boy’s first collaborative meeting.  Due to be held monthly, these meetings are intended to bring everyone on “Team Boy” together to talk about his therapies and how best to work together to achieve these goals.  It was a bit daunting, this first meeting.  We had our service coordinator from Early Intervention there, although she probably will not attend in the future.  We had some spirited discussions where we debated who should take notes (coordinator said it had to be a therapist, not a parent; therapists said it had to be a parent), and how to place the meeting in the schedule (some had heard the meeting had to be on a day with no services, others said it didn’t matter), but not many about IT Boy.  For the most part, we were all on the same page about what kind of treatment he’s getting, what the philosophies were, and how best to work with each other to move him along. 

Some things the therapists agreed on, but Mr. IT and I did not.  For instance, they all say he doesn’t respond to his name.  We have found that to not be the case.  Au contraire, when we call his name, he turns to us and gives a little grunt that sounds to our ears like “Huh?”  If I was taking notes, I would have noted that. 

Next time, I definitely will take notes.  The service coordinator said parents shouldn’t do it because they can’t participate as well and think, but as a visual learner, my recollections are aided when I have seen something I have written down.  Maybe I’ll use different colors of ink, and channel my inner Jolene…maybe…

Thankfully, we did have progress to talk about…he’s saying his first real word of meaning (more about that in the next blog entry), he can take a half step between people (but no more!) and he’s getting even more curious about his world.  Some days we expect him to just get over the delays and wake up running around and spouting Kafka, but the progress, however slow, is welcomed. 

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