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It’s all about the…

March 3, 2008


Yes, I said it.  “Ball.”  IT Boy’s first word of meaning (not counting Dada, as it’s kind of the “shalom” of baby words – you know, hello, goodbye, peace, pass the ketchup, that kind of thing).

“Ball.”  Yes, IT Boy has a new parlor trick and it’s saying the word “ball.”  It’s heard all the time around the house now, and I have to say 88% of the time it is in reference to a real ball.  When it hasn’t been ascribed to a round thing that rolls, it’s referred to:

– a jello cup.  Close, but not quite, although IT Boy does love to roll it on the floor

– a balloon – the second favorite toy of the Boy.  Who would imagine a $1.99 mylar balloon would 1. last for a month and 2. provide hours of entertainment?

– my blackberry – he said it once, and I took it as a threat.  “Put that thing down now mom, or you’re going to be very surprised to see how far it flies.  At your head.”

He even said it to the TV last night.  Of course, he was watching the Beckham Sharpie commercial where a golf ball is doodled into a soccer ball.  A most pleasing transformation for Mr IT.

“Ball.”  Who would have thought that would be music to my ears?

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  1. March 4, 2008 6:28 pm

    I love it! It’s a noun, an, ahem, verb, an an adjective (well in some language, probably!).

    And really, until you have a little guy you forget the sort of ballness of so many objects in the world.

    Or is it ballosity? Maybe that’s the speed at which balls travel.

    So happy to hear this news.

    Mazel tov. And Shalom. And Dada.

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