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There’s something in the air

February 5, 2008

Walking around beautiful downtown Hoboken today, you could tell immediately that something was different.  I was struck by the confluence before me, the trifecta that is Fat/Giants/Super Tuesday.

*Tons of people heading to the trains in Giants blue to go see the parade downtown.  Sorry Indy folks, but you have to admit that Eli’s parade down the “Canyon of Heroes” beats the crap out of Peyton’s march through downtown Indy to the RCA Dome.

*Election day people, with signs, posters and buttons, all urging you to get out and vote.  Well, you were out already, so the first part was a little silly, but the voting part was important.  In New Jersey, unaffiliated voters can vote for either party, unlike NY and CT where registered independents are shut out at primary time.  I’m voting later today in NY.  Little IT really wants to go with me, although she is totally bummed that I cannot vote for Hillary.  She did a book report on Bill last year, and thinks voting for his wife is super cool.  I don’t share that view, but it’s her view, and I think it’s important for her to choose her candidate.  I have to vote what I am registered, and I have a feeling I may not make up my mind until I pull the lever, or she pulls it for me. 

* Those celebrating Fat Tuesday.  We have a “New Orleans”-style bar down the street, all decked out in purple, gold and green.  Mostly, these are the Giants fans who have left the parade and now get to just drink beer.  Lucky ducks.  I’m trying to get a pile of work off my desk.  The dust bunnies are multiplying.  You know, those tasks that sit on your to-do list and never seem to get done?  Dust bunnies.  They’re breeding, I tell you. 

 Happy (fill in the blank) Tuesday to you too.

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  1. February 5, 2008 10:44 pm

    I am very happy the Giants won. But I must defend Indy and the “parade” we had last year!
    *Temperatures were below zero the day of our celebration (it wasn’t an official parade).
    *Indianapolis has 1/8 the population of NY, so you’d darn well better put on a better parade! And that’s not including New Jersey, where the Giants actually play.

    Nevertheless, a huge congratulations to the Giants. It’s been fun watching the Pats as sore losers.

  2. February 8, 2008 2:55 pm

    Just to stir the pot a bit…last year after the Indianapolis Colts won, it really appeared more that the city had NO IDEA WHAT TO DO for the team! They put together something very haphazard, changed the time several times, and had alot of fans waiting (happily) out in the freezing cold.

    I really don’t blame the people of Indy or the Colts…the only other professional team is the Pacers. So, hey, what does one expect????? It’s just “World Champion Inexperience!”

  3. February 8, 2008 3:06 pm

    Jen, Jason,

    Hey, we’re NEW YAWK, and we’ve done this before! Giants, Yankees, Mets, astronauts, hostages – we know how to throw a party. Unlike the Devils who had a party in the parking lot in the Meadowlands…

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