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Super Bowling

January 29, 2008

I had the joy of dropping off Little IT at school this morning.  She’s in an early morning program to help parents who work get to their jobs on time.  It’s located in the school cafeteria, and they politely discourage you from dropping the kids off while sitting in your warm and cozy car.  Instead, they like for you to walk them inside, to minimize the separation anxiety.  Little rarely has any of that, because she has a friend who gets there slightly before her meet her at the door with a knock out hug.  Literally, the girl comes tearing from across the room to body slam my kid with some lovin’.  It’s sweet, and helps avoid mimicking the other kids by sitting at the window watching me leave in the car.  Truthfully, she only does that because she sees other kids doing it.  She hasn’t mastered the forlorn expression that those kids have.  Instead, she looks like she’s conjugating verbs or calculating pi to the 100th decimal place.

Anyhow, today we came in behind a little boy who was polite enough to hold the door for us.  He was wearing a Giants ski hat.  I noticed it, but didn’t comment.  However, I did have a comment when he took off his ski jacket and had a Pats jersey under it.  With a Giants turtleneck underneath that!  I said, what’s up with the wardrobe, little man?  His mom answered that he likes both teams and is having a hard time deciding which one he wants to win.   

I understand, except I’m not feeling like have to have be particularly loyal to one side or the other.  Mr IT as has been noted is a Pats fan.  His loyalties are clear.  And, under normal circumstances, I would be right there with him.  Granted, when the Giants played the Pats at the end of the regular season, a little bit of me wanted Eli and company to get the big win, but I was happy that the unbeaten team remained so.

Now, with the big game on the horizon, I’m surrounded by folks who are REALLY REALLY pulling for the Giants.  I’ve debated my loyalties, and decided that baseball season takes enough out of me and I shall be happy for whoever wins.  I’d be thrilled if the Jints could pull it off and show everyone that they are for real.  Of course, the idea of the Pats getting the unbeaten season in a pure sense is pretty cool too. 

And if you’re wondering where your Super Bowl party invite is, stop standing by the mailbox because it isn’t coming.  I invited two of our friends and it seems like they have other plans.  That’s fine.  Mr IT’s response was, “Good for them, they wouldn’t have had fun here anyhow.”  While that’s not totally true, he has a point.  You see, we’re a “watch-the-game” kind of family.  Worse, I’m a marketer, so I watch the commercials to0.  I have to gauge food and drink input careful so any output can happen during the (yawn) halftime show.  We went to a friend’s house the second year the Pats were in the Super Bowl.  All the kids put together a show for us to watch in the basement.  Mr. IT came down with the others, but once the game started and the kids show kept going, he had the horrific realization that watching the game was not the primary purpose of the party.  Soon after came our big TV and we’ve been staying home ever since.  We do bring the chow in a good way.  This year, I’m whipping up homemade Chex Mix, just like the mom in the commercial used to make, chili con queso, pigs in blankets and cheesesteaks.   Chips too.  Lots of chips.  Fritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, Doritos…anything ending in OS. 

So, if you’re into some serious eating, and serious TV watching, you’re more than welcome in the IT household.  Just don’t ask me to choose sides.

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  1. February 1, 2008 12:48 am

    I agree with Michael about avoiding people who don’t care about watching the game. But just as dreadful – I was invited to a “Healthy” Super Bowl party. Who ever heard of a hostess at this specific function who isn’t encouraging her guests to overindulge? The best Super Bowl party I ever went to was the year we lost to the Bears (Michael might actually have been at that party with me in 1986). However, it was quite amusing because we were all taking Marketing that semester and were supposed to be evaluating the commercials for class discussion the next day. But all the guys kept running to the bathroom during the commercials while I took careful and detailed notes. Of course, they all wound up copying from me once they realized we’d have to turn in this assignment…

  2. February 1, 2008 9:42 am

    You, at a “healthy” Super Bowl party? What the heck did that woman serve, nuts and twigs?

  3. February 2, 2008 12:14 am

    I declined politely, and plan to go somewhere with lots of guacamole and chips! Today everyone wore Patriots shirts to work, and we posed for a photo which we then sent scathingly to our NY office.

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