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The Social Media Toolbox

January 28, 2008

For those on the dull side of the cutting edge (not my quote, but I love it) Jeremiah Owyang does a great job of trying to differentiate between blogs, forums and social networks. 

I’ve decided that people I work with must think I have split personalities, a short attention span, or a little of both.  Once hyped up on MySpace, I spend a good portion of a meeting extolling the virtues of Facebook.  Last week, I got all geeked out explaining Twitter to a group of marketers planning our BookExpo booth (I tweet, but I am not sold on it 100% yet) .  These things happen as new technologies some along and the community migrates.  Of course, I have no issue how this makes me look at all.  I used to post on The Source, way back when before it got eaten by CompuServe, and frequented multiple Usenet groups for fun ages ago, so I feel like a veteran around these parts anyhow. 

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  1. January 28, 2008 11:41 pm

    my son said, c’mon mom. blogs are just mom’s facebooks!

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