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Required reading for the Gymboree set

January 16, 2008

I didn’t know there was such a thing, but thanks to Shelf Awareness I found a link to the “Best Books for Babies” list.  That may seem like a strange thing, but in truth, reading to babies is a key way to establish strong reading patterns for later in life. 

As the article suggests, board books are best to start kids off with because they are more durable.  IT Boy likes to munch on them when we’re reading for a little taste sensation.  At first, he would not sit for half a book much less two or three.  But we stuck with it, and kept up a pattern, and now he grabs the books himself to paw through them. 

We make reading a family activity.  After bathtime, Little IT and I snuggle in with the IT Boy for a book or two.  It’s good for her to practice reading out loud and enables her to up her reading time for the night.  We like to read the Boy books that have pop ups or things to feel.  Any book where you can act out things is also good.   I’ve learned a lot about how to play with kids by following activities from books, which is a great thing.  We find he’s starting to anticipate things when we read books again and again.  For instance, one book has a big tickle at the end, and when we build up to it you can see he’s waiting for the payoff.  He’s quite a fan of the DK Touch and Feel series, and wanted me to mention that the one with the bunny is his favorite because the bunny is particularly soft.  Another book that is a particular favorite these days came from the library – Daddy Kisses.  Of course, that’s the one that Daddy reads to him and acts out the different kisses portrayed in the book. 

I’m certainly going to go through this list and see which ones I can find at the library.  Never do I not have time for a good book…or two…or ten.

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  1. azurcher2 permalink
    January 16, 2008 7:13 pm

    Addison loves the DK Touch and Feel series, too! She also really likes the Karen Katz books with the lift the flaps.

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