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Leaving the “Mafia”

January 14, 2008

With the Writer’s Strike sucking up all the creativity in the world and forcing us to watch the likes of Paradise Hotel (yes, it’s coming back, but no you won’t get a hot link from me), a new scripted television drama is nothing to be ignored.  Although, after watching two episodes of Cashmere Mafia, that may be exactly what I need to be doing. 

You can read a full synopsis of the episode at TWOP, because it’s one particular plot line that I want to comment on.  Zoe (no, I can’t get the umlaut or whatever it is in her name, but you know who I am talking about, so go with me here) is a working mom, which means she dresses up in sexy nighties hours after firing yet another nanny.  Yes, we all do that.  Anyhow, she finds herself in conflict with a stay-at-home-mom with kids at her kids’ school.  Victoria embodies every bad stereotype of a SAHM, so immediately, I began hating her.  When at the end of the episode Zoe gives Victoria her comeuppance, I was so happy I was cheering.   Happy because evil Victoria is against people like me, and needed to be taken down a peg.  Poor Working Moms, we need to band together against the evil of Victoria…

Hey…wait a minute.  I don’t know anyone like Victoria.  No one has ever over mothered my kids on my watch, or (sorry again honey) hit on my husband.   Most SAHMs that I know are rather giving and friendly.  So why the need to dredge up a storyline pitting women against women for the sake of drama?  The more I thought about it, the angrier I got, but not at the characters or SAHMs.  I got angry at the writers for making these one-note characters.  Zoe is good and Victoria is bad.  No shades of grey here.  Life just isn’t like that, and if this is an indication of how they will be telling their stories, there will be no more Mafia for me.  I’ll suffer through watching more Disney Channel shows with Little IT.  You can at least find multi-dimensional characters there, more so than on ABC, apparently. 

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  1. January 17, 2008 2:31 pm

    I’m a neighbor and normally a lurker but I had to chime in here and say, I totally agree. This show bugged me to no end. It had me wondering if the writers were alreadiy thinking of going on strike when the were doing the pilot.

    Talk about one dimentional characters. This is no Sex and the City for the Mom set. Not even close.

  2. drunkdreamer8 permalink
    August 6, 2008 1:27 am

    just wanted to invite you to my blog (If I haven’t already- I have a new home)at if you needed some encouragment today.

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