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January 4, 2008

Friday is a work at home day, so I get to watch national morning news before shoving Little IT on the school bus and depositing IT Boy with the sitter.  It was a busy morning…

The Iowa Caucus has finally come and gone.  I’m not very politically outspoken.  Being the product of a liberal NY mother and a raging conservative Texan father there is no middle ground and it’s best not to bring stuff up.  But I do have some opinions that I am going to share here, with the caveat that I am not nor will I ever be a political blogger.  I’m happy that Hillary had a poor finish – I don’t want to see her as the nominee.  Obama had a great speech last night, but I’m still not sure he would get my vote.  He did give a wonderful speech last night – v. impressive and dare I say, Presidential!  Pity about Edwards, since we hung with his wife at BlogHer and all, but New Hampshire could still change things.  Huckabee scares me, because he puts his faith out there as if to say, I believe in Jesus, so you must vote for me.  Either way, we have 9 more months of this, so strap on kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

Now here’s a true confession for you – I’m a registered Republican.  I don’t believe 100% in the tennents of the party, for instance I believe in the right to choose, and have great misgivings about our foreign policy.  But being registered in the party gives me the right to vote in the primaries, where I feel like my vote does make a difference.  I can weed out the bad and vote for the Republican who best fits my beliefs.

Whoo…too much politicizing…let’s talk about Hannah some more (don’t remind me that I am breaking my no-Hannah blogging pledge).  The wack job mom who entered her daughter in an essay contest to win Hannah Montana tickets was on “Today” with, get this, her lawyer AND psychologist.  For those who missed the story, Club Libby Lu had an essay contest to win tickets.  I’m not sure about the rule of the contest, but I am pretty sure that making up a story about having a daddy who died in Iraq was not sanctioned under them.  Anyhow, the bitch got caught and backtracked saying she thought she was writing a story about the “spirit” of Christmas and didn’t think it had to be true.  Uh huh.  While I am tempted to compare her judgement in writing to her judgement in eyebrow styling, I shall refrain.  Totally totally disgusting – what kind of mother puts her kid in a situation like this?  She had to know that the lying could be discovered, and then what?  Your kid gets told she has tickets and then she doesn’t?  How does THAT make her feel?

Speaking of mother of the year candidates, apparently Britney had another meltdown.  When does it end, dear readers, when are we free of her nonsense?

I think I’m giving up on morning news.  Someone has to have Buffy or ST:TNG reruns on…

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