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We survived Hannah!

January 2, 2008

Could it be that the time has come to STOP writing posts about Hannah Montana?  Since our concert date was last week, that time may be upon us, dear readers.  Although I have been told about soon-to-be rapid sell outs of movie tickets for the upcoming concert movie….

Anyhow, here’s how it played out.  We left 2 hours early for the 50 minute drive and needed every second of that.  I have to remember that in Long Island, if an electronic sign tells you to go a different way than every fiber of your being is telling you to go, do it.  Sorta like the highway signs in LA Story, they were right, I was wrong, and had to sit 20 minutes in traffic off the Meadowbrook waiting for two lanes to become one and to merge into the road in front of the Coliseum. 

Anyhow, we got there and parked right near the exit, a move honed from years of attending Islander games that would save us substantial time later on.  We decided to get our souvenirs first thing, because they had sold out of a lot of shirts and other goodies.  This was the second night at Nassau, plus they opened the arena up the day before the first show to sell souvenirs to those who didn’t have tickets to the show.  An interesting marketing idea, and I cannot decide whether it was generous or greedy.

After purchasing a poster set and a t-shirt (total cost = $45, so I got off easy), we found our seats, which turned out to be four rows from the floor at center ice (I have to use a hockey analogy here because “mid court” doesn’t cut it when you don’t have a basketball team that plays in the arena).  We could see Cassie and her mom and cousin right below us on the floor.  Her cousin had a sign saying “My name is Hannah and it’s my birthday today,” both true sentiments.  

It seemed like minutes before the Jonas Brothers came one.  Actually, it was minutes, five tops.  I haven’t heard that many screaming girls since, well, ever.  I never got taken to cool things like this as a kid, a fact that Little IT was reminded of many, many times.  Thankfully, I had several pairs of earplugs for Little IT, because she has very sensitive hearing and had to leave the American Idol concert at the midpoint due to a raging headache. 

So, Jonas Brothers played, sang, and shook much booty.  There was an intermission between them and Hannah, which we used for a bathroom break.  I was much amused to see the security guards yelling at the moms on the Men’s room line (we were early enough to enter the line to the Women’s room when it was non-existent).  So then it was Hannah, more Jonas, and then the transition into Miley.  The show was pretty decent, if an old person may say so.  Some of the Jonus Brother’s and a few of Miley’s songs had some good rock beats to them, and I enjoyed hearing htem.  But the night wasn’t about me. 

When Hannah came out, it was all Little IT dreamed it would be.  Which meant it was all I dreamed it would be, because seeing her that happy was a splendid thing indeed.  I’m truly sorry for all the other moms who couldn’t get tickets for their girls.  As you can see, the look on Little IT’s face was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for. 


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  1. MR. IT permalink
    January 2, 2008 12:38 pm

    As a marketer, I am surprised that Itgirl actually questions if the opening of the Hannah store the day before the concerts was generosity or greed. The only true answer is revenue generating and a bonus that it looks good at the same time!

  2. July 16, 2009 6:46 am

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