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Did you miss it? Huh, huh? Did ya?

January 2, 2008

I was going to start this post by saying that majority of us are back from our winter holidays, but a quick glance around the perimeter of my office tells me otherwise.  I however, am back at work, and for the most part, am happy about it. 

As expected, I blogged, Facebooked and tweeted only sporadically during the holidays.  Family, both nuclear and extended, was the focus of my time the past two weeks.  In the world online, I saw some people take the full time off, and others were going just as strong.  The majority of people I follow, however, seemed to throttle back but did not completely remove themselves from the social media milieu. 

I wonder what these folks are thinking having come back. 

“Damn, I missed my twitter!”

“It was a lot easier to check in on my neighbors than it is to keep up online!”

“So THATS how I spent my time before Facebook!”

“My Google reader has 259 new entries!  Let’s get to work!”

I do hope that the preponderance of folks, myself included, cherished the time with our friends and family, and learned something about how to best balance our online and offline worlds so as not to lessen our impact in either of them.  I can’t say I missed following tweets, or signing up with new applications in Facebook, but I am glad to be reading more vivid blog entries from people I care about.  It’s good to know what matters.

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