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A Very IT Christmas

December 27, 2007
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Christmas has come and gone in the IT household.  Overall, I’d view it as a successful mission accomplished.   IT Boy got a bunch of therapy approved toys and a stuffed Snoopy.  It was quite a challenge to find one.  Snoopy on the outs?  I had no idea.  It wasn’t until I hit Hallmark that I found one.  He’s spent a bit of time hugging him.  Warms my IT heart to see that.

Little IT got her Wii.  Santa IT decided to buy on in September and beat what became the insane holiday rush.  She was over the moon when she opened the package.  Not to take his name in vain or anything, but Mr IT had decreed that there be no Wii for the IT Family.  Something about worrying about Little IT  spending all her time in front of the thing.  I already told her there would be no Wii on school nights, just like there is no computer or TV, rules she already follows. 

Me, on the other hand, is left feeling like a Friend of Bill W at a bar.  I know my limits, and this is it.  Hello, my name is IT Girl, and I am a game-a-holic (“Hello IT!”).  Once I start, I cannot stop. 

Case study – at one of my first jobs, I worked for a publishing housein the Electronic Products group (I was e before e was cool).  Unlike others at my level, I had an office with a door that locked, because I had 3 computers (a Mac, a PC and a portable PC which was anything but).  I began making friends in the company by showing them the great computer games these machines could play.  Over time, a co-worker and I got hooked, staying in my office till the wee hours of the morning playing games like Attack Sub U238, Flight S(t)imulator, and, my personal addiction, The Sims.  Oh, how I loved those Sims! 

After a while, it was like the tummy ache that comes from too much chocolate, and I decided it was better to not play at all than experience that feeling.  Through the years, I resisted through all the PC gaming that came through the house, and never touched Little IT’s DS.  But I fear the Wii will be my undoing.  I’ve already invited friends over to play it, and made plans to play with other moms while the kids are out of the house.  I’ve browsed through the list of “big kid” games that we can try to see which ones we should get next.  Must.  Resist.  Assimilation.  It isn’t futile.  I have the power. 

Look, I even set up a gaming category tag.  That’s just not a very good sign, now is it?

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