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Mixed Messages

December 24, 2007

As we proceed into a world of 3 therapists giving IT Boy a total of 6 sessions a week, I’ve decided that the purpose of therapy is to teach him the things we will later scream at him for doing.  For instance…

1. Socks – one of the first things his OT taught him was to take off his socks.  Good use of the pincher grip, and builds strength as it takes you off balance.  Yea, cheer, good boy when he does it in a therapy session.  “Nooooo!” when he does it as we’re rushing to get him dressed in the morning.

2. Up the stairs – PT feels that going up the stairs is great to build upper and lower body strength.  So we do it in session.  When Boy gets to the middle landing on our steps, he turns, sits and grins his widest and proudest grin, waiting for the wave of applause to wash over him.  At least in a session.  When he does that while I’m in the kitchen and the rest of the family members are not paying attention, it’s not exactly an “attaboy” moment.

3. Cruising – IT Boy is now strong enough to pull himself up and grab for things.  Unfortunately, his favorite target is the TV console which is loaded up with remotes.  Remotes are a great motivator in therapy, but out of therapy they make Mr. IT rashy when they’re not in his control.  Bad enough Little IT or I have them, but the drooly, slobbery Boy?  No go.

I could go on but you get the picture.  It’s making me wonder what other kinds of therapy he’s going to need later on if we keep messing with his head like this.

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  1. January 4, 2008 2:25 pm

    hey it girl, no need for therapy here, my blog is up.
    take a look and get out the crayons. May you an it
    inspire you.

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