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The only Spock in my life is Mister

December 20, 2007

So, what’s the deal with Spock?  It seemed like a good idea months ago when I got the invite.  I corrected some information that was in there (hey, how did they get that info, anyhow?) and invited a friend or two to join.  About 3 weeks ago, I got another invite.  Hmmm, thought I was in there already.  Whatever.  I go back in and correct some more incorrect, ill-gotten info, and see they now have a friend adder where, much like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, they go through your email accounts to find other friends on the service.  I do this for LinkedIn, since Gmail’s connection to Spock was down (a blessing, as I would soon find out) and it apparently sent Spock connections requests to every single person in my LinkedIn network.  That’s over 200.  And if it had done it in Gmail, it would be to over 1,000 people.

The annoying thing is that the connection request happened so quickly, it barely confirmed or even said, “Are you sure?”  It just pulled the trigger and sent out all that bac’n.  At least it’s holiday time, so the perplexed contacts on my LinkedIn list got to wish me a Merry Christmas while they yelled at me for inviting them to the mess that is Spock. 

I also figured out that I am there as my work email and as my gmail, with no way to connect the two.  I never signed up as my work email but since Spock apparently trolls around gathering info on people and putting them in there, even if they don’t want to be, that will happen.  Unlike sites like Zoominfo, you can’t correct that, combine multiple listings, or even opt-out.  I don’t know what purpose Spock is supposed to serve, but other than giving me a rant to put in a blog entry or a worst practice case study for social networking, I don’t know what it is. 

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